Lipo360: The Ultimate Guide to 360-Degree Liposuction Surgery

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Lipo360 is a 360-degree circumference liposuction treatment that can be used to remove excess fat from the abdomen, obliques, lateral and posterior waist, back, hips, and bra roll. Many people have achieved impressive results from Lipo360, as they are able to get a more contoured and slender figure than traditional liposuction. In this article, we discuss the procedure, cost, benefits, and recovery of Lipo360 liposuction surgery.

What is Lipo360?

Lipo360 is a liposuction treatment that contours the entire midsection of the body, including the abdomen, the lateral and posterior waist, the obliques, and the back bra roll. The innovative technique has become increasingly popular in recent years as it allows surgeons to achieve a more symmetrical and even result than traditional liposuction. Traditionally, liposuction was used to target certain areas but Lipo360’s 360-degree circumferential approach provides a more comprehensive and cosmetically appealing result.

Cost of Lipo360 Liposuction Surgery

The cost of Lipo360 liposuction surgery varies depending on the patient and the extent of the procedure. Generally, Lipo360 is offered starting at $1,999, not including additional fees such as anesthesia or surgeon fees. It is important to find a doctor or clinic that offers Lipo360 in your area and explore different options for payment and financing to ensure you receive the treatment you desire.

Benefits of Lipo360

There are many benefits to Lipo360 liposuction surgery, as it can provide a more contoured and proportional body shape. This procedure can also provide more favorable body contours and accentuate certain features, such as curves or abs. Additionally, Lipo360 provides the ability to target fat deposits in the entire midsection, removing fat from the upper and lower abdomen, obliques, and the mid-to-lower back for a more contoured body.

Recovery From Lipo360 Liposuction Surgery

Lipo360 liposuction surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure, however, there is a recovery period that patients should take into consideration. Generally, it is recommended that patients take off from work for at least 3 days and load up on vitamins, minerals, and healthy foods during the recovery period. Following the surgery, patients should also refrain from exercising or any strenuous activities so that the body can properly recover.

Is Lipo360 Right For You?

Whether or not Lipo360 liposuction surgery is right for you depends on your desired outcome and body goals. If you want a more contoured body, Lipo360 may be a great option to achieve the shape you desire. Additionally, Lipo360 is also a great option for patients who have had other body contouring procedures and may find that removing fat from their flanks is beneficial.


Lipo360 is an all-inclusive liposuction procedure designed to contour the entire midsection of the body. From the cost and duration of the procedure to the potential benefits and recovery period, it is important to be informed about this procedure to make an informed decision. With Lipo360, patients can achieve a more contoured body with a 360-degree approach that targets fat throughout the abdomen, obliques, waist, hips, and back bra roll.



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