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Are you searching for liposuction services in Miami? Look no further! We’ve gathered all the information you need to find the highest quality liposuction services, prices, and reviews in Miami. From the average cost of the procedure to the best doctors and clinics in the city, we’ve got you covered. Let us guide you to the best options for your liposuction needs in Miami. Read on to learn more.

What is Liposuction?

Removing superfluous fat from specific regions of the body, such as the buttocks, abdomen, hips, and thighs, is the purpose of liposuction. This cosmetic procedure is an ideal alternative for people who have attempted to slim down in problem areas without success, even with diet and exercise. The process typically involves making tiny incisions in the chosen region and using a special gadget to extract the fat. Local anesthesia is commonly used for the treatment and healing time is generally short. Miami is a popular location for liposuction due to its many experienced physicians, reasonable rates, and positive reviews.

Though liposuction is not a weight loss solution, it can help to sculpt and form the desired shape. Various bodily areas can be treated with liposuction, and the results can be long-term. It is important to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle following the procedure to ensure that the fat does not reappear. Before undergoing the process, it is essential to consult with a qualified doctor to determine whether the individual is a suitable candidate and to discuss the potential risks and benefits.

How Many Doctors in Miami Offer Liposuction?

Trying to choose a doctor for liposuction in Miami? You have a wealth of options, with RealSelf reporting 251 local physicians offering the procedure. However, not all of these professionals have the same qualifications, experience, and reputation; it’s essential to do your research and read reviews when selecting who to trust with your liposuction miami.

When making your decision, consider the doctor’s education, training, certifications, years of practice, and any specialties. Opting for a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience in liposuction miami is likely to yield better results than a doctor who only provides the service occasionally. Additionally, see what ratings and reviews previous patients have given the doctor.

The sheer number of doctors offering liposuction in Miami does not guarantee quality; some may not have a strong focus on the procedure and may only offer it as a side service. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly investigate each doctor before scheduling a consultation. Take your time, read reviews, ask questions, and make an informed decision to ensure the best possible outcome.

With 251 local physicians offering liposuction, Miami provides a great selection of options. Don’t let the quantity of doctors overshadow the quality of the service; do your due diligence and choose the right doctor for your needs.

Average Cost of Liposuction in Miami

When examining liposuction, cost is often a driving factor for patients. In Miami, the median price for liposuction is $4,825, derived from 335 regional reviews. However, it is essential to understand that this is a mean, and the overall cost of liposuction can differ significantly based on multiple elements. Factors such as the amount and location of areas to be treated, the specialist’s expertise, and the clinic’s location can all influence the final cost. Therefore, it is critical to do your research and to consult with several doctors to obtain an accurate estimate of the cost of the procedure.

If you are on a tight budget, there are cheaper alternatives available in Miami. Deirdre Marshall is a knowledgeable cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery specialist who charges between $2,250 and $5,000 for liposuction. Nevertheless, cost should not be the sole variable taken into account when selecting a doctor or clinic for your liposuction procedure. You should also evaluate factors such as their experience, reputation, and patient reviews to guarantee you receive the highest quality of care.

Best Doctors for Liposuction in Miami

When it comes to selecting the top physicians for liposuction in Miami, experience, knowledge, and patient reviews are important factors to consider. Dr. Pat Pazmino, MD has gained an outstanding reputation among patients, receiving a 4.90 rating out of 5 stars with 413 ratings. His personalized approach to each client and skillful technique in liposuction has earned him praise from many.

Deirdre Marshall, a highly-qualified specialist in cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, provides liposuction services at reasonable rates between $2,250 and $5,000. Customers have commended Dr. Marshall for her attentive bedside manner, precision, and successful outcomes.

For those seeking quality clinics offering liposuction, Avana Plastic Surgery and Spectrum Aesthetics are two popular choices. Both feature teams of proficient doctors specialized in liposuction and other cosmetic treatments. Their modern facilities, individualized care, and excellent results have been highly praised by patients. Additionally, Elite Plastic Surgery and CG Cosmetic Surgery offer liposuction at various costs, making them viable options for any budget.

Popular Clinics for Liposuction in Miami

When searching for the most popular clinics for liposuction in Miami, there are numerous choices to consider. Avana Plastic Surgery is renowned for their variety of cosmetic treatments, such as liposuction, and their team of experienced medical professionals. Spectrums Aesthetics is a well-regarded clinic that specializes in body contouring and fat elimination, and offers competitive rates. Elite Plastic Surgery and CG Cosmetic Surgery are also highly-regarded for liposuction, and consultations with each should be conducted to determine which one is best for you. Remember, the cost of liposuction may differ based on the body area being worked on, and it’s important to obtain an individualized quote from each clinic.

For individuals looking to undergo liposuction in Miami, research is paramount to finding the right clinic to meet your needs and budget. Avana Plastic Surgery is a popular option, boasting an esteemed team of specialists and staff that provide top-notch service and care. Spectrum Aesthetics is another great option, focused on providing body sculpting and fat elimination services at competitive rates. Finally, Elite Plastic Surgery and CG Cosmetic Surgery are both viable choices for liposuction, and consultations are necessary to determine the best fit for you. Overall, the cost of liposuction is variable depending on the body area being treated, so it’s important to get a personalized quote from each clinic.

SmartLipo Cost in Miami

SmartLipo is an increasingly popular substitute to traditional liposuction in Miami. This laser-assisted treatment not only eliminates fat but also firms the skin, providing a more toned and contoured appearance. The cost of SmartLipo in Miami differs depending on the area being treated, the amount of fat being removed, and the surgeon performing the procedure. Generally, patients may anticipate spending between $2,100 and $8,400 for SmartLipo in Miami. While SmartLipo may be more expensive than other forms of liposuction, the additional benefits of skin tightening and a faster recovery time may make it a worthy investment for some.

When calculating the cost of SmartLipo in Miami, it is essential to also assess the experience and qualifications of the doctor performing the procedure. Even though some clinics may offer lower prices, it is essential to research and select a board-certified plastic surgeon with considerable experience in conducting SmartLipo. This will not only ensure the highest quality results but also reduce the risk of complications. Moreover, some physicians may provide financing options or package deals to help make the cost of SmartLipo more reasonable for their patients.

Although the cost of SmartLipo in Miami may appear daunting, it is important to remember that the procedure can offer long-term results and an increase in self-confidence. By selecting a trustworthy plastic surgeon and discussing financing options, people can make the cost of SmartLipo more manageable. Ultimately, the expenditure in a more sculpted and toned body may be worth it for those seeking to attain their desired look.


In conclusion, if you’re considering liposuction in Miami, there are many options available to you. With 251 local doctors on RealSelf who perform the procedure and a range of clinics offering different prices, it’s important to do your research and find the best fit for your needs. Dr. Pat Pazmino, MD stands out as one of the best options with glowing ratings and reviews, while Deirdre Marshall offers her expertise at a reasonable cost. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but with the information provided, you can make an informed choice and feel confident in your liposuction experience.



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