Discover the Benefits of Volbella – The Ultimate Lip Filler Solution ;

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If you’re considering a lip filler treatment to combat the appearance of aging around the lips or adding volume to your lips, Volbella is an excellent choice. Juvederm Volbella is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler designed to add both volume and shape to the lips. It uses a proprietary Vycross technology and a more tightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid for a more natural-looking outcome.

What is Volbella?

Volbella is the latest filler from the Juvederm family and is specifically formulated to smooth the vertical lines around the mouth, along with adding definition and plumpness to the lips. This injectable cosmetic treatment contains hyaluronic acid and is specifically formulated to improve the contour and definition of the lips by replenishing lost volume and softening wrinkles, fine lines and creases. The thinner formulation of Volbella makes it perfect for treating fines lines and wrinkles or subtle lip plumping.

Benefits Of Volbella

Volbella offers a number of great benefits, with some of the most significant being:

  • Natural-looking results: The unique formula of Volbella ensures that it looks natural when injected into the lips, offering subtle augmentation and correction of perioral lines.
  • Ideal for lip shaping: Volbella can help to enhance the lips and create definition, while being able to precisely shape the lips and mouth area.
  • Results are long-lasting:Volbella provides long-lasting results and is able to combat the signs of aging associated with the lips and mouth area.
  • Minimal side-effects: The most common side effect from Volbella injections is mild bruising and, in rare cases, swelling.
  • Effective for all skin types: Volbella can be used on light, medium, and darker skin tones.
  • Enhanced collagen production: The body produces more collagen when Volbella is injected, improving skin elasticity as a result.

Consequences of aging

As we age, collagen and hyaluronic acid production slows down and our lips lose their definition, volume and plumpness. Thinning, wrinkling, and sagging of the lips may occur, with the corners of the mouth drooping too. Textural and pigment changes to the lips can also occur, leaving our features uneven and wanting.

The Volbella advantage

As a minimally invasive procedure, Volbella can be used to:

  • Plump and add fullness to the lips.
  • Enhance and define the shape of the lips.
  • Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Enhance the texture of lips by stimulating the production of new collagen.
  • Increase total lip volume without looking overdone.

What to expect post-Volbella

After the injections are completed, you should expect slight swelling and mild bruising for a few days, which can be reduced by using ice and rest. This swelling should subside within 1-2 days and should not be severe.

Why is Volbella the ultimate lip-filler solution?

Choosing Volbella gives you access to the very latest in lip filler technology. With a range of benefits that can help to restore youthfulness and definition to lips and correct asymmetry, Volbella is an ideal choice for most people who want to enjoy natural-looking and long-lasting results. With minimal side effects and the ability to give you a perfect pout in one comfortable treatment, Volbella is the ultimate lip-filler solution.



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