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Resin Veneers

Are you a good candidate for resin veneers?

Resin Veneers are ideal for improving their aesthetic image, especially for patients who wish to change their teeth’ color, shape, and position. Most people qualify for resin veneers.


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What is this about?

Want to get a Hollywood smile in just one visit? Then you gotta try our resin veneers at New Face MD in Miami and Orlando!

We use a fancy, high-quality resin material to give your teeth a total glow-up. We can change their size, shape, and color to make them look super stylish and totally envy-worthy.

And the best part? You won’t have to spend forever in the dentist’s chair because we can do it all in a single visit! Plus, each layer is cured with light before the next one is added, so you can be sure you’re getting a perfect finish.

So come on over and let us give you a smile that’s polished, natural-looking, and sure to make heads turn! And don’t worry, our affordable prices won’t leave you feeling blue!

What results could you expect?

Problems they solve

Severely stained teeth, where whitening treatments are not effective with extremely dark stains.
Minor imperfections in tooth structure, as veneers can hide chips, cracks, and teeth with minor fractures.
Coexisting aesthetic problems such as slightly crooked teeth, a chipped tooth, or several stained teeth, all three issues can be fixed with a single dental veneer treatment.

You will get

Minimal tooth wear.
You will achieve an incredible dental aesthetic.
The treatment will only last one appointment.
It improves shape, size, and color.
It is more economical.
In case of fractures, they can be easily repaired.
Minor wear and tear on the natural tooth

FAQ’s About the treatment

What People Are Saying

From the moment you enter the place it is super clean and all the people who work there are attentive, friendly and always with a smile. The laser hair removal machine they have is wonderful, I noticed the results from the first visit, Diana and Heidy are spectacular, you feel confident to put your body in their hands. Do not hesitate to take New Face MD as your first choice for beauty treatments!

Norma Cardona

I want to thank the entire medical team of the New Face MD Miami clinic, Maylinn Gonzales, Migdalia Garcia and the entire medical team for the excellent care I recommend them 100% thank you girls.

Amira Derikha Ajami

Today I came in for a surgical consultation and everyone was very friendly and helpful, short wait time. The doctor answered all my questions and Linda, his assistant was at all times attentive. In very few places I see this kind of attention which is so important in any business....

Mariangel Aponte

I went with my mom and it was spectacular. The way the doctor saw her and quickly with Security knew what she needed. The entire staff at the office was super friendly, polite and attentive. From the reception to the goodbye.

Jenny Bloch