Remove gingival (gum) tissue


Are you a good candidate for Gingivectomy

Recommended if you have  excess gum tissue, periodontal disease, or deep periodontal pockets. Can also be performed for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons, such as reducing the appearance of a “gummy” smile.


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What is this about?

Gingivectomy is a type of surgery to remove gingival (gum) tissue. It consists of removing or slightly trimming the tissue surrounding the teeth. It is related to pathologies such as gingivitis, periodontitis, or gummy smile. It can improve oral health and hygiene or for aesthetic purposes.

It is an outpatient procedure of low complexity performed under local anesthesia. However, in some cases, to improve the size and symmetry of the teeth, it is required to cut the gum contour with a high-tech laser. Depending on the subject, this is an essential step before performing a smile design process.

In which cases is gingivectomy recommended?

Gingivitis or periodontitis: both pathologies are based on the inflammation, redness, and bleeding of the gums due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque in the gingival margins (between the tooth and the gum), in the interdental spaces, and on the surface of the tooth.

A gummy smile is a prevalent condition characterized by a marked disproportion between the gums and teeth. So that when the person smiles, you see the whole teeth and a large piece of gum (between 2 and 4 mm).

Bone loss: gingivectomy is also indicated in cases where bone loss has occurred, and bone surgery is necessary.

Bruxism: Patients suffering from bruxism usually present enamel wear and erosion of the teeth due to constantly clenching and grinding the upper teeth with the lower teeth. As the teeth erode, they become smaller, and the gum becomes more visible.

What results could you expect?

Results are visible immediately after the procedure.

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